Elevator & Escalator Defects

An owner of a building that has occupants or visitors on the premise has a duty to maintain the elevators and escalators. Because elevators or escalators are typically used by invitees, the highest degree of care is owed. A building owner may give some of this responsibility to a maintenance company or building management company, however the owner or management company must communicate problems to the maintenance company, make sure the company is competent, take the elevator out of service if it is not working correctly, proceed with necessary repairs, and arrange for all the required inspections. A person may be injured when riding an elevator or escalator if his or her shoes, shoelaces, clothing, arm, or leg gets stuck, which is known as entrapment. An elevator that gets stuck, drops suddenly, or has a door that doesn’t work properly can also cause significant injury to the head, back, neck, etc. For more information, see our information about premises liability.

If you have been injured due a faulty elevator of escalator, you should contact the attorneys at Warren McGraw & Knowles LLC immediately.