Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle and Pedestrian accidents are some of the most dangerous incidents seen on our roadways. Pedestrians ordinarily have the right of way in crosswalks, intersections, and at stoplights. But motorists often drive carelessly and violate the rights of bikers and pedestrians. Unprotected by the safety features of motor vehicles, bikers and pedestrians almost always bear the worst of an accident.

To protect bikers and pedestrians, Pennsylvania law allows the victim to fully recover. Even if the victim selected the limited tort option for her auto insurance policy, the law treats the victim as if she selected full tort.

Your basic rights and responsibilities under Pennsylvania Law, including:

  • Bicycles are “vehicles”
  • Cyclists must obey all the rules of the road that apply to motor vehicles
  • Failure to obey those rules may affect your rights to recover if injured
  • Generally, you must keep to the right of the roadway unless making a left turn.
  • If traffic conditions make riding to the right of the road unsafe, then you may use the safest route possible.
  • If the roadway is a ONE WAY, then you may keep to the left of the road.
  • It is recommended that bicyclists operate on the shoulder or berm of the road, but are not required to do so.
  • When riding between sunset and sunrise, a lamp visible to others up to 500 ft. that illuminates the cyclist’s path is required
  • Two cyclists riding side by side is legal in Pennsylvania,, but do so only on straight, flat roads. Otherwise, a curve or hill in the road can prevent both you and an operator of a motor vehicle from spotting each other.

For a complete understanding of Pennsylvania’s laws pertaining to bicyclists, see Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver’s manual, PUB 380(3-11).

There can be multiple causes of a bicycle accident. If someone told you that you violated the law, don’t assume that violation prevents you from recovering damages for your injuries. recovery. Have your incident evaluated by an experienced attorney and appropriate experts. Contact the experienced lawyers at Warren McGraw & Knowles LLC to recover for the injuries you sustained.